How do I reset my WordPress password? Print

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There's 2 easy ways to reset your WordPress password.

First way is pretty basic. Just go to your WordPress login and click on the 'Forgot Password' link.

The second way is through your WordPress Installation Manager in Softaculous.

Once inside cPanel, on the left you should see the link for 'WordPress Manager by Softaculous'.

Alternatively, you will also see an icon for the 'WordPress Manager' in the 'Software' section of your cPanel.

Click this link and you will see a list of your WordPress installations.

You can reset the password for any of your WordPress installations from here.

The 3rd way is more advanced. For this, you will need to access your database with 'phpMyAdmin' in the Database section of cPanel.

Once inside phpMyAdmin, you will need to reset the admin user password.

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